Hi.  I’m Gregg and this is my blog about whatever thoughts and observations come to mind and are provided for you in words, pictures, videos and audio’s .  Enjoy.

As a retired business person involved in Marketing, Sales, Training and Quality Improvement for 40 years as well as a student of human and social behavior my comments will cover a lot of subjects.  These will include my opinions on occasion. The free-flowing expressions of opinions and thoughts are the cornerstone to understanding, communication and peace in most cultures.  While I may not always be politically correct, I promise to be candid and honest.  I am a follower in the belief that when you take offense you give offense, meaning that by negatively reacting to something you also become offensive.  When you take offense you generally have stopped communicating, become judgmental and are closing yourself to dialogue, relishing the feelings of anger and insult instead.   This then becomes offensive behavior in and of itself.  Tolerance is sorely lacking in the world today.  Too many of  us have become thin-skinned and sensitive to the slightest provocation.  Is it any wonder we have things like road rage, ugly rants and even a Presidential candidate to plays to all of that bluster as a basis for seeking the highest office in the land, perhaps in the world.

To really be tolerant means to accept all people as they are.  You may not like their behavior, but you should like them as a fellow human being.  We are all inter-related with all other living things in this world.  What hurts any one hurts all of the others indirectly.  Instead of working to force your intolerance on the world make it easier on yourself by learning tolerance while you seek change through understanding and discourse.  More to come…



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