There was a man who would be King

In a Country that had no Royalty

But rules and law meant not a thing

When he only valued loyalty.


He was a man who was quite wealthy

Inherited riches from his Father

Who built and stole quite stealthily

By cheating it away from others.


This man had been a cruel, spoiled boy

And was sent to an academy of military

To learn to behave, but became a playboy

And his nature regaled in savagery.


He had three wives but traded two out

By paying them handsomely to leave

When he found a more stunning knockout

And someone new to deceive.


So he sold his favor his word and honor

To the highest bidder who could afford his price

And became a powerful but legalized monster

Who destroyed the country and encouraged vice.


He hated all foreigners, mostly blacks and browns

And he sent them away while he built a big wall

He was appallingly crass with a circle of clowns

Who he fired as often as wives, with a quick phone call.


He lied consistently about things high and low

Made outlandish claims which were easily checked

But called others liars while the truth seemed to show

He was deranged, misguided, a human train wreck.


But there were some who enjoyed his shows of force

His comical, racist antics and his never-ending bluster

Angry people, who feared history’s course

Their world would change and their future lacked luster.


But the wise were shocked and finally took action

This cracker from hell was an affront to their nation

And though there were attempts to keep them in factions

They arose together to end the stagnation.


And the man who would be a King

Was not to be anything, evermore.


A poem by Gregg Sterett 6/4/2018


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