Fake News loves Stupid Americans

Winning the election was based on people’s perceptions or opinions, whether they were influenced by information which was hacked by Russia and released through wiki-leaks or fake news sites, or resulted from someone’s personal nightmare is hardly important.  Perception is different for each person because our personal filters are different,  but they most often driven by fear.  Perceptual […]

The case against a “Keep them in check” vote.

There is a myth that by voting for a President from one party and then voting for other positions from another party that you will somehow “keep them in check.”  This is seat-of-the-pants logic at best when you think you are helping to moderate government. In reality, you are merely helping to keep government in a grid-lock […]

Was James 1st the First Gay King?

On March 24th 1603 James I became King of England, France and Ireland, having already been King of Scotland as James VI.  Wikipedia provides a detailed summary of his life and times which included such notables as William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes, his Mother Mary Queen of Scots, Sir Francis Bacon, John Donne, Ben Johnson […]