Ode to Ferman, “El Capitan”

As my best friend of over sixty years lies dying I only feel like crying But focus instead on the happy times we shared. If only I could let him know how much I cared. As young boys we were everything possible Superman & Batman seemed entirely plausible. Our outside days consisted of “let’s play […]


There was a man who would be King In a Country that had no Royalty But rules and law meant not a thing When he only valued loyalty.   He was a man who was quite wealthy Inherited riches from his Father Who built and stole quite stealthily By cheating it away from others.   […]

When the Rains Came…

When the Rains Came…   The rain comes down, the shades go up To watch the raindrops as we sup. A mildly pattering, spattering sound Is background to silverware clinking around, And we talk of nothing much but each other’s day.   So calming is the rain, that thunder shocks Us into fidgets of surprise […]

Ode to a Common Man

He did not lead an army Or win a golden medal. He never sat upon the bench With disputes for him to settle. He never killed another man Or said that he would like to. He never tried to rob a bank And he never tried to sue. His name is not among The books […]