Attorney General Barr does us all a disservice

Our United States Attorney General is apparently taking issue with an FBI investigation that was reviewed by the U.S. Inspector General. A.G. Barr disagrees with the Inspector General’s findings and by so doing has put all of America at risk. In short, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, after reviewing a million documents and interviewing 100 people, […]

Ode to Ferman, “El Capitan”

As my best friend of over sixty years lies dying I only feel like crying But focus instead on the happy times we shared. If only I could let him know how much I cared. As young boys we were everything possible Superman & Batman seemed entirely plausible. Our outside days consisted of “let’s play […]

Ode to a Common Man

He did not lead an army Or win a golden medal. He never sat upon the bench With disputes for him to settle. He never killed another man Or said that he would like to. He never tried to rob a bank And he never tried to sue. His name is not among The books […]

How Scams Work and Five Ways to Avoid

How Scams Work Thinking you are beyond being able to be scammed is your first mistake. Those who have thought deep and long about how to take advantage of others are far beyond the obvious scams we usually hear about.  A Scam is simply a “Confidence Game” or “Con Game.”  They gain your confidence that […]

The Dark Tower: Alternative Facts

The Dark Tower   Dark Tower Trailer   was everything I thought the movie would be.  In sync with the characters, mostly;  adherence to the basic story and overall mood and ambiance of heroes fighting to save all of humanity while most people around them are  unaware they are in mortal peril for anything worse then dropping their […]

Legitimacy and Authority Do You Have It? Can Customers See It?

Legitimacy and Authority are two key principles upon which every successful business depends.  If you do not have it, chances are great that your business will struggle for success.  Why?  Let’s look closely at what these building blocks do and how you can acquire them if they are missing in your business. Legitimacy is conformity […]

Fake News loves Stupid Americans

Winning the election was based on people’s perceptions or opinions, whether they were influenced by information which was hacked by Russia and released through wiki-leaks or fake news sites, or resulted from someone’s personal nightmare is hardly important.  Perception is different for each person because our personal filters are different,  but they most often driven by fear.  Perceptual […]